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Report by Michael via adex

Conor McGregor has asked for that a universal judge is one of the three-man board of scoring authorities for his battle against Floyd Mayweather.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission will consider the interest close by demands from the two warriors to wear 8oz gloves, which would digress from the control estimated 10oz variants that are obligatory for sessions in the 154lbs division.

"The McGregor camp has asked for a worldwide judge. We will check whether we imagine that is reasonable, and we will mull over it," NSAC boss Bob Bennett only disclosed to US Sports.

Neither McGregor nor have presented a demand about the arbitrator, who won't be given unique directions to be careful about the UFC champion's lead.

"No, we haven't gotten a demand for a universal ref," Bennett said. "We have various very qualified judge and referee that have worked in Vegas on uber battles. We have a pool of capable and qualified referee.

"I'm finishing up my examination into who I think the authorities ought to be.

"The judge that is affirmed will have a demonstrated reputation of taking a shot at prominent battles, and a demonstrated record of being reliable under weight. He will be a world-class referee.

"He will watch out for them two. It's a bout. I've had discussions with McGregor's director to clarify the tenets and controls. I clarified that it's occupant upon him that McGregor has a close comprehension of these guidelines.
"I conveyed a few young y things to his consideration that will guarantee the wellbeing and security of the two contenders, and counteract them losing focuses.

"At our next bonus meeting, I will make my proposal."

The NSAC are under no commitment to choose authorities from outside of Mayweather and McGregor's nations of origin, it was affirmed.

McGregor has been utilizing resigned Hall of Fame ref Joe Cortez amid his fighting sessions "to get comfortable with the procedure", US sports were told.

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