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Reports by adigun via adexsports crews

Dillian whyte remained on course for a world heavyweight title battle after a chilling knockout triumph over Lucas Browne at The O2.

The Brixton man handled a colossal left snare in the 6th round that dropped Browne intensely onto the canvas as he moved inside touching separation of a shot at WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

Whyte showed a serenity in the opening round, in spite of long stretches of warmed words between the team, and skewered his punches onto Browne, who was left with a cut over his correct eye.


Blood dribbled from Browne's eye in the second and Whyte detected his weakness, slamming in right hands onto a quelled rival.

Another enormous right wobbled Browne in the third and he roughly attempted to stand and exchange, however 'The Body Snatcher' replied with more precision and focused on the ribs in the fourth.

By the fifth, Browne's face was a blood red wreckage, and Whyte gave a trace of what was to come when he handled a firm right hand BUT to be sincere with you guys BROWNE to easy and soft for me WHYTE disclose to journlists after the match.

Whyte came raging out for the 6th and emptied an enormous left that dropped Browne significantly onto his face and the battle was quickly waved off.

After a couple of stressing minutes, Browne was served to his feet, and the WBC No 1-positioned Whyte could look forward to a potential gathering with Wilder.

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